The Firm  CREATIVE  CONSTRUCTIONS  is  established in  1986 by Mr. Mehul Mehta. The  firm  has continued  to  expand  its  activities  and  has  grown  to  become synonymous with the RMC and Construction industry in and around Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.


The  29  Years  of  reputation  of  the  company  has  been  built  on  the  quality  of  work  which is always  of  the  highest  standard  and  never  sacrificed  on  any  account.  The  organization  prizes  itself  on  its  ability  to  execute  work  speedily  and  always  well within  the  stipulated  period.  Work  has  often  been  carried  out  in  conjunction  with  reputed  firms  of  Architects, and  Consulting  Engineers  to  exacting  standards.